Rules for Having Hair Extensions

Hair is one of the important assets that women have. People are even willing to spend much money to get soft hair with attractive visuals. Answering these needs, there are so many hair specialist services around us, one of which is Head Office Hair that offers hair extensions Bondi. Of the many types of hair care, hair extension is one that is loved by women to support their appearance. Here are some tips if you want to get hair extension:

Adjust to the type of hair

 hair extensions look beautiful and attractive. However, it would be best if you considered it well whether the hair extension matches your hair or not.  There are other hair treatments that you can choose, such as rebounding or making your hair wavy.

Check the condition of the hair regularly

When your hair is connected and looks longer does not mean it is safe. You will do many activities that can make your hair tangled or even damaged. This is the reason for you to do regular hair checking. The right time to check is 1 to 1.5 months.

Pay attention to the use of shampoo

each of us always has a favorite shampoo. But if you have hair extensions, then you have to save your favorite shampoo first. Because even though it seems trivial, but using shampoo really affects the condition of your hair. We recommend using a special hair extension shampoo or shampoo that can contain milk so that the hair becomes softer. Special hair extension shampoo can be found in salons or in beauty shops.

Shampooing technique

When shampooing, the head must look up and upright. Slowly move your fingers vertically or horizontally in your hair. Do it gradually. Do not do it too hard because it will cause your extension to fall out.

Make sure to use conditioner

Hair that is joined will be prone to be tangled at the ends. Make sure you use the conditioner every day so that the strands of your hair remain smooth. Use conditioner only at the ends of the hair.

Slowly comb your hair

You should not carelessly comb your newly connected hair. The right way is to comb your hair from the bottom, then up. This is done to avoid frizz.  comb with a brush up to 2 cm before the connection.