Reasons You Might Need To Replace Your Blinds and Curtains

When you decide to get new window treatments for your house, then you’re looking for a permanent solution and expect them to function for the long haul. As a matter of fact, although the majority of window coverings have functional longevity of 5 – 10 years, many people opt to stay with their curtains and blinds for considerably longer. Although this may appear promising at first, various circumstances may instigate the replacement of your window coverings. This guide will charter you through various factors that may see you replace your curtains and blinds sooner. See here for ‘pearl colour Little Greene‘.

Damaged Components

There are many moving parts and constituents that make blinds operate efficiently and properly, and if any of them are damaged or worn, then it’s time to buy new blinds. For instance, if the side chain or winder on your roller blinds have been around for a while and are no longer lowering and raising the shade, it’s time for a replacement. Also, when you find that your Venetian blinds’ slats are distorted or the cords are worn, ordering curtains and blinds online provides an easy and fast solution to all your window problems.

Compromised Safety

Blinds are lovely inclusions to any space and can give off an element of style that looks amazing for years to come with the right care. Most homeowners select the type of window coverings they will use when initially moving in. In addition, traditional blinds bought long ago may turn to be a safety hazard if the couple has kids down the line. If the blinds you have currently have hanging or exposed cords lough enough that a kid can grab onto, it can lead to strangulation. You will have resolved this problem by going for modern curtains that have the ideal length.

Out of Style

Like every design in a house, curtain and blind style change as the years go by. If decades have elapsed since you last bought new window coverings for your house, it’s likely the time to start thinking about replacing those old and worn shades. Aluminium blinds and brocade curtains can date a room instantaneously. Also, discoloured window treatments can have your room appear unkempt and dirty. Replacing old-fashioned treatments with more up-to-date blinds and curtains is a simple method to give that space the makeover it requires to have a more 21st-century vibe.

They Don’t Suit Your Needs

Other than being an attractive design element in any space, curtains and blinds serve a lot of important functions. In addition to offering privacy and modifying the ambient temperature of the space they are fitted in, they hinder sunlight from fading your furniture and flooring, minimise glare, and facilitate restful sleep. If your curtains and blinds are damaged or old, they are not in the right condition required to perform their intended role as when they were new. It is best to always stay ahead of the curve; if you find that your window treatments aren’t meeting your needs, you should think about replacing them.