Holiday during a pandemic, prepare this to keep it clean

The moment of the new year will soon arrive, which means that a fairly long holiday awaits in front of your eyes! It’s time to unwind after going through various activities throughout the year.

Vacation time is usually used to visit tourist attractions. Coupled with so many interesting vacation spots both inside and outside the city and offers to stay that are fun, it’s a shame to miss it, right?

However, this year-end holiday will certainly be different from usual. The COVID-19 pandemic is still haunting the world. Recently the number of cases has increased in some areas.

This situation makes you and your family have to think carefully if you want to take a vacation during a pandemic. Because the risk of transmission of the coronavirus is still quite high.

Risks of Vacationing amid a Pandemic

At every moment of a long holiday, the government issues a recommendation not to travel unnecessarily.

This was done to prevent the crowds that usually occur in holiday places.

In fact, at the moment of the end of this year, the central government reduced the number of holidays that had been previously set.

This was followed by various regions issuing decisions to ban various new year celebrations which were usually held in previous years.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States states that traveling will increase the risk of contracting or spreading the coronavirus.

Because, when you travel, your risk of being exposed to the coronavirus is higher if you have close contact with other people, especially people you don’t know.

Plus the potential for transmission from the surface of objects in public places, such as in public transportation, restaurants, and lodging.

The reason is, the potential for transmission of COVID-19 is not only influenced by yourself but also the people around you. Not necessarily they run the health protocol well.

Prepare Sanitizer Spray to Keep Your Clean

Of course, the decision to take a vacation or not remains in your hands. If you still want to take a vacation trip during a pandemic, then make sure to stay alert.

Don’t hang out with people in large numbers. Then, always follow the health protocols wherever you are.

Use a mask, always keep your distance from other people, and wash your hands regularly, especially after touching surfaces in public facilities. In addition, keep clean wherever you are to suppress the spread of the coronavirus.

Stay alert and follow health protocols during the holidays during the pandemic. It is better not to force the situation if conditions do not allow you and your family to take a vacation for mutual safety.