Designer Jeans For Women

In the 1970s and 1980s, all women were aware of Jordache, Calvin Klein, and Gloria Vanderbilt. These designer jeans were the ones that popular women wore and others admired. In fact, you were not in the ?in crowd? if you wore anything other than these brand name jeans.

However, now that a few decades have passed, you will see another group of designer jeans that are making their way to the forefront. These designers of women’s jeans are well-known in the United States with their variety of fit and styles.

The origin of Hudson Jeans is in the Los Angeles area. Hudson Jeans popularity is partly due to their original, artsy vibe. The best materials are collected from Japan, Europe, and the United States, and all the final embellishments are put on by hand. The company’s factory treats the jean material and, once the jeans are finished, no two pairs are alike. Each pair of jeans is distinctive since such care went into making them. The long legs create the illusion of leanness, and many customers consider this a perfect fit.

Hudson Jeans have customers coming back again and again because they fit so well; the customers are amazed. These jeans are the latest rage among the stars in Hollywood and also with fashion designers.

Another designer jean out of Los Angeles is True Religion Brand Jeans. Although they were founded just a few years ago, they are a contender in the fashion world. They specialize in detailed work with seams, embroidery designs, and vintage washes, making them stand out against the others. Different styles are available for men, women, and children. Shirts, skirts, corduroy pants, jackets, and hoodies are just some of the many different clothing items they make available.

After doing modeling and acting for years, a designer started Paige Premium Denim, which is also known as Paige Jeans. At one time, she was acclaimed to have the perfect figure for modeling jeans. Paige’s Jeans give you a shapely behind, elongate your legs, and minimize hips and thighs. Paige Jeans are specially made to make your bottom half look good.

Paige Jeans are sold by retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman (New York City), Fred Segal (Los Angeles), E Street Denim (Chicago), and at various Neiman Marcus retail stores and are available for purchase in the United States as well as countries around the world. Many Hollywood celebrities also love to wear Paige Jeans.

We have progressed a long way from old designer jeans, but jeans are just as desirable today. You can achieve a special look of fashion and panache when you wear women’s designer jeans. Designers give their all to make their designer jeans stand out from the crowd. If you wear a designer brand, you are sure to feel special.