Clothing colours to choose this coming summer

Every summer season brings with it a rainbow of colours that get sprinkled over us, mere mortals, from the gods of fashion week. This year is no different. Although the selection is vast and you can’t really go too wrong, some colours have taken the forefront for Summer.

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All shades of pink

Pink power takes the lead this season, ranging from an intense fuchsia to a pale nude. With millennial pink being the rage in the world of design, it is destined to make it into your wardrobe this season. Basically, you are safe choosing any shade of pink as it seems that millennial pink is quite difficult to pinpoint.

True blue

Blue is not trailing far behind pink. This is great news if you struggle with finding a way to wear pink. Vibrant Lapis and pale aquatic blues are featured but it is really navy that steals the show. It is timeless and modern at the same time. This is great news for a classic like denim that can easily be paired up with other classics like mens Farah shirts.

Primrose yellow

Nothing screams summer like yellow. Invest in a loose cotton or silk yellow dress to be your ‘go-to’ summer essential dress. It makes a bold statement and will brighten your day. If you are not feeling that brave, accessorise with yellow-rimmed sunglasses, belts or shoes.

Image result for clothing summer 2017 Fiery red and orange

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Fiery red and orange

Keep it hot with flame red-based orange and deep scarlet red. With these two colours there can be no half measures. Go bold or go home. We’re talking red men’s shirts and flowing airy full-length dresses.

Nature naturals

Greenery always finds its way into our summer wardrobes. From somber kale to new green growth, you can safely combine this renewal colour with basics like white, nudes and blues. For classic styling and colouring it would be wise to look at some sites such as for inspiration.

Focussing on these colours for key wardrobe items will keep you on point and invest in some colourful key pieces that go well with your existing wardrobe. Of course, black and white are always on the cards and go without mentioning. As temperatures rise, you will find that slipping into vibrant colours will be the easiest way for you to get into the summer mood.