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How to run ecommerce store using the internet

For those of you who want to learn how to market online or the internet, we will share based on our experience for approximately 5 years of knowing the world of internet marketing.

The use of the internet has grown rapidly and will continue to increase which has now changed lifestyles. People used to read in newspapers, now read news on smartphones, used to watch tv a lot, now watch youtube a lot.

Likewise with marketing activities, now it is more advanced using online or internet marketing methods, internet marketing online marketing.

There are many digital media that can be to used. If you are just starting, you really need to learn how to choose and use the right internet digital media. That’s why here we will help you how to start online marketing with an internet marketing strategy.

You can learn 7 Steps of Online Marketing, including:

  1. Understand the role and function of digital media
  2. Mapping your business market segment
  3. Choosing the right digital media
  4. Start implementing good Internet Marketing
  5. Create and distribute content marketing
  6. Using digital marketing ads
  7. Build customer database

Here we are explain one by one:

1. Understanding the Role and Function of Digital Media

You …

How do proxies work with any website and program?

VPS server. What is this and why should you use it?

Server – a computer that has its own group of personal PCs, workstations, performs any operation without user intervention.

Servers come in a variety of systems and configurations. We will now list some of them:

File – server (File Server) – a mechanism that provides access to files and systems located on the server disks, as well as the local network.

How do proxies work with any website and program?

Application Server (Application Server) – a system that represents the computing resources necessary for a certain launch of other computers on the local network.

Database Server (Database Server) – a system that provides access to databases located on the server computer. Buy a server, Dedicated Server, VPS and proxy Proxy-Seller is the right decision.

Web server (Web Server) – a system that interacts with the global network, client access through a web page, which is located on the PC server.

A proxy server (Server Back-End) is a system that provides data transmission through a local network on the Internet, filtering traffic, and protects against external attacks.

Email Server – A system that accepts email for a PC over a …

How to Create Dual Tone Effect on Photos

What is the dual-tone effect in an image? The Dual-tone effect is a photo editing technique by adding two different colors to the left and right of a photo.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to create a simple dual-tone effect on a photo using the Lightroom application.

For those of you who like to edit photos or learn to edit photos and like to upload photos to social media applications such as Instagram, Path, Pinterest, you must learn this method. Check out the following tutorial:


1. Make sure you already have Lightroom, if not, please download and install it first. To make it easier, make sure you use Lightroom Premium, but if you don’t have money, take it easy, there is still a Lightroom mod for review, please visit here

2. Enter the application and select a photo from the gallery to edit. Then select the light and effect settings as shown below:

exposure 0.74, contras -15, highlight 16, shadow -6, whites 11, black 7

This setting is not standard so you can adjust it yourself.

3. Select the selective menu then tap the plus icon and select the …