Are you planning to celebrate your birthday in a big way? Then it would help if you thought of a perfect birthday cake design cake.

It is possible to choose thousands of subjects, which “tell” the story of the birthday boy. It is considered one of the most special desserts.

Both children and adults often require carefully decorated cakes that are extremely rich in details. Rightly, the birthday comes only one day a year, so it is right to exaggerate!

Cake design birthday little girl

You can choose whether to have it made directly by your most trusted pastry chef or ask for the help of a Cake Designer able to create a real pastry artwork.

Making these highly scenographic cakes is possible thanks to sugar paste, chocolate, and many other elements: it’s up to you to choose your favorites and order birthday cake online. Easy to customize, extraordinary to look at. It is good to remember that a cake as well as being beautiful must also be tasty.

Therefore carefully choose the ingredients that you are going to insert to make a delicious mixture, for example, a sponge cake rich in cream to your liking.

Classic cake covered with sugar paste

The main ingredient is the sponge cake which, once enriched with chocolate, for example, will remain soft and creamy. Once you have made the internal part, dedicate yourself to the composition of the external one with the sugar paste. Cover it completely and start creating your favorite subjects or composition. A little tip is to make a draft drawn on a sheet before proceeding with the assembly of the dough.

Cake design birthday girl 5 years

In this way, you will be able to have an idea of ​​the finished work already and, above all, you will avoid wasting ingredients and wasting too much time.

The aesthetic side is its strong point! If you don’t know where to start, you can find the recipe for how to make sponge cake and sugar paste in the previous posts.

Making this kind of cake is not difficult but, on the contrary, it is an experience to try absolutely! Of course, not everyone has the same dexterity.

Therefore, if you are afraid of making mistakes, rely on us to build your idea. If the intent is to leave your child and his friends speechless, aim to create cartoon characters, fairy tales, or anything that fascinates the imagination of your little ones. Fragrant and delicious, colorful and eye-catching.

For such a special birthday cake, give free rein to your creativity: the dessert will be considered as a unique gift made by a special person. The favorite items for children are buttercream, almond paste or marzipan, chocolate, and sugar paste.

Everyone likes the wow effect; seeing is believing!

So it is essential to choose the central theme of the cake and consequently create a representation in line with the chosen context. Generally, the objects are made with sugar paste, marzipan, and much more, depending on the cake designer’s imagination.

Here, the choice is really important for birthday cakes both in terms of taste and the subject you want on your dessert.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want the traditional cake with a 3D representation, then you can opt for the “drippy cake” born in Australia and the latest trend for personalized birthday cakes.

For the external part, you need a very cold, firm, precise coverage without smudges, holes, or graininess. Ganache, icing, or caramel sauce is skilfully poured onto this and then decorated with what you want most: fruit, flowers, macarons, but also chocolates, candies, and popcorn.

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