Beginners Guide To New Year’s Eve Outfits!

New years eve is right around the corner, and with that being said the outfit panic may have now begun. Knowing what to wear each year is one of the hardest things to decide, as you also want to make a statement as you enter the new year in style.

We are seeing new styles each year, ranging from sparkles galore to minimalist chic. Knowing which trend to follow is one thing, but you also might want to stand out of the night and create your style. Glamorous and memorable is the ultimate vibe you should be going for, and if you are not sure where to start here is some inspiration from our lookbook to give you an idea or two:


If you are looking for the perfect balance of flexibility and show-stopper this new year, a jumpsuit is a go-to. Jumpsuits are so handy when you are looking for a fashion-failure-free night. You can dance the night away without the fear of anything showing in a jumpsuit, with so many styles to choose from jumpsuits are a no-brainer. We would recommend a slinky style if you are going for the laid-back and sexy look, or if you want to stop traffic you might go for a chrome material in silver.

Little Black Dress

If you are looking for a versatile dress that you can wear the whole year after, a little black dress is the best investment to make. A stunning little black dress will serve you well on new years eve, simply because they can be dressed up or down no matter the occasion. Spending the countdown in a fancy venue? You can pair little black dresses with some embellished heels and diamond accessories. Going to a house party to cheer the evening? Keep it more casual with a denim jacket and pair some biker boots.

Long-line Dress

Nothing says new year’s eve glam like a longline dress. If you are looking to keep things classy, elegant, and sophisticated, long to midi dresses might be the best option for you. With so many bodycon dresses and flowy styles to choose from, you can look your best for the new year. They are usually specific for special occasions, so if you are willing to splash the cash make sure you can potentially wear the dress for a wedding or other fancy occasion.

Shoe Statements

New year’s eve should be about reflecting on the year and paying attention to the small details you have experienced. Your shoes should also be something you pay attention to if you want to be the best dressed at your new years eve event. Your shoes should of course match the elegance of your dress, and if your dress is out-there your shoes should be even more eccentric! Think sparkles, glitz, and glamour, but do not ruin your night with an uncomfortable pair. Do yourself a favour and wear heels that you can bare to dance in the whole night.