6 Different Types of Embroidered Lehengas that You’ll Love

Long gone are the days when sarees were considered to be the only choice of wedding attire for women. With its contemporary appeal, glorious silhouettes, and resplendent designs, the lehenga choli has now become the most popular ethnic outfit among millennial brides.

The design of a lehenga is the element that creates maximum visual impact and plays a big role in creating a great first impression. A timeless craft, embroidery is one of the most beloved design techniques featured on ethnic costumes including lehengas. The elegant beauty of this work is something that women of all generations have admired. But not everyone knows that there are multiple kinds of embroidery, and all of them are absolutely breathtaking!

Have a look at 6 different types of embroidered lehengas that you’ll definitely love:

  1. Zari

Zari is a type of traditional embroidery that involves intricate thread work done using real gold or silver threads. A saree or lehenga embellished with zari is usually crafted from the silk fabric, which makes it even more precious. A grand ensemble fit for royalty, the rich motifs on zari-embroidered lehengas transform every adorner into a spectacular sight. While zari is known for its delicate nature, these days it can be seen in more durable, rust-resistant forms which can also work well on lightweight materials like chiffon and georgette.

  1. Zardozi

A more ornate and elaborate version of zari, zardozi work involves etching rich gold threads along with fancy adornments like beads, pearls and more on heavy fabrics like satin, silk, and velvet. Lehengas featuring this embroidery exude elegance and grandeur like no other.

  1. Chikankari

Born from Persian influences, Chikankari is a form of embroidery native to the city of Lucknow in India’s Uttar Pradesh state. High on simplicity and minimalism, lehengas blanketed with chikankari work are truly a class apart. Exquisite floral motifs such as paisley, booti, etc. are a common feature on these stunning outfits. The beauty of this embroidery work is enhanced by lehengas in neutral hues like beige, cream, ivory, etc.

  1. Gota Patti

Borrowing sartorial inspiration from the Mughal era, Gota Patti is a Rajasthani style of embroidery incorporating gold or copper fibres. This metallic embroidery looks even more regal on jewel-toned lehengas crafted from plush fabrics like chiffon, silk, georgette, and velvet.

  1. Phulkari

The literal meaning of Phulkari is ‘flower work,’ and this lovely floral embroidery is a craft derived from the Indian state of Punjab. Phulkari work was initially done only on garments like dupattas and shawls, but thanks to its rising popularity among modern women, it can now also be spotted in lehengas.

  1. Appliqué

A French style of embroidery, appliqué uses a distinct needlework technique to apply or sew a beautiful piece of fabric onto the main material of the lehenga. These lehengas are perfect to be worn at events like parties and wedding receptions.

So, these are some fabulous embroidered lehengas that you should add to your wardrobe right away! You can also opt for a women kurta design that depicts your favourite form of embroidery from among the ones listed above.