5 Tips for Those of You Who Want a Collection of Action Figures From Akimomo-Popmart

Action figures are mock toy characters that are usually based on movies, comics, video games, or television series. Collecting action figures becomes a hobby that is increasingly in demand.

However, collecting action figures is not an easy matter. Many things need to be considered to get action figures with premium quality without making dry bags. So, what should we do?

Action figures or toys in the form of characters, not only identical to children you know. Action figures are also the collectibles of adults (especially men). Like other collectibles, it is not surprising if there are people who are willing to spend more deeply to buy a certain action figure. If you manage to buy it, then what is obtained is its inner satisfaction.

Does collecting action figures include expensive hobbies? Not really, everything is relative. Some of you may have just started collecting action figures. Well, we have some hunting tips and collecting action figures. Want to know? Check out the explanation below.

Even if you place a collection of action figures in a special room, it does not mean that your collection can survive the “attack” of dust. Don’t worry, your collection can be kept clean and pleasing to the eye if you diligently clean it. How? Simply use a soft cloth to clean the action figure. Do not forget to give a little water, then clean again with a dry cloth. You can also use a small vacuum cleaner to clean your collection of action figures.

The hobby of collecting toys is fun. Although the price of toys such as action figures and hot wheels is fairly expensive, it does not dampen the intention of collectors to remain toy collectors. Even for collectors with mediocre budgets, hunting for expensive toys is legitimate. This often affects students and students who do not have their income.

1. Sure

Be sure that the action figure is poison. That is, once you buy there is no finished word, want to buy continue. So believe first that it’s poison and addicted.

2. Tell your partner

For those who will or have built a household, it’s a good idea to tell your partner if you want to collect action figures. Because Rahmat considers this hobby can be a source of conflict in relationships.

“Most people hide from their partners because they are considered expensive, they are old but still play (action figures). So it’s cool when you’re married, by the way of a couple, “he said.

3. Prepare a separate budget

The price of an action figure that ranges from Rp 300 thousand to Rp 1 million more certainly requires the collector to set aside a little money. Because it could be your monthly money runs out just to buy the latest edition of action figures. You can buy a variety of action figures and interesting children only at pop mart.

4. Don’t credit

For those of you who are still in school, it is better to buy action figures in cash without a credit system. Because the price of action figures is quite volatile.

“For example, you want to buy toys that have been released two months ago. It can be even more expensive if the credit. It has been hit by high prices, with an interest-hit credit system as well. Loss,” said Mercy.

Therefore, it’s a good thing to save and buy through the down payment system (DP). This way, you have a time lag between paying up and paying off the rest.

5. Pay attention to the condition of the goods

For those of you who want to buy online, do not forget to pay attention to the rating and originality. Because it is not impossible, the action figure you ordered turned out to be a fake item aka KW. One of the action figures that are currently being much in the interest of the community is pucky milk babies and of course, your child will love the toy.